The Netherlands triumphs at international football tournament for children using insulin pumps

Posted on 29 August 2014

Last weekend, UK children living with type 1 diabetes and using insulin pumps descended on Holland for the annual Medtronic Junior Cup Diabetes tournament.news_Medtronic cup

Hundreds of spectators watched the final – won by the Netherlands against Belgium. But for many of the 10 to 14 year old participants, the real triumph was getting to meet other pump users, and proving that having type 1 diabetes doesn’t have to stop you doing anything.

Children who manage their condition with insulin pumps were invited to apply for the tournament, which took place in Arnhem.

Diabetes blogger Laura Cleverley, who was present, said: ‘Looking at the players you wouldn’t have a clue that they had diabetes and honestly, 99 per cent of the time I forgot that they did!’

She added: ‘The best part was seeing them getting on with things and not letting their diabetes stop them. It really was hugely satisfying to see how little their diabetes bothered them.’

Medtronic Junior Cup Diabetes is part of an effort to promote sport among children with type 1 diabetes. The tournament has been organised by Medtronic since 2007.

Elie Kelpie, Senior Corporate Development Fundraiser at JDRF, said: ‘Year in and out, the Medtronic Junior Cup proves to be a fantastic event. It is inspiring to see so many young people living with the condition sharing this memorable experience.’

Medtronic and JDRF have a long history of partnership and collaboration – helping to support vital medical research into type 1 diabetes. You can find out more about becoming a JDRF corporate partner here.