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Superpower-themed book for children with type 1 diabetes

Posted on 14 November 2019

On World Diabetes Day JDRF is celebrating the superheroes and support network of people with type 1 diabetes.

And what better day to launch a children’s book written to celebrate the superpowers that those diagnosed with the condition go on to possess.

Daisy Donald is a book by JDRF ambassador and actor, Jade Byrne. Targeted at children aged between two and eight years old, the book will educate anyone who wants to read it but also provides a supporting story for children who have been diagnosed, to help them feel uplifted and inspired by the plucky character at the heart of the story.

Daisy Donald is a six year old girl that battles with a monster named type 1 diabetes. She comes to realise that she is a superhero in her own right, thanks to the support of her parents providing her with an invisible cape.

The book explores the highs and lows a child experiences when dealing with type 1 diabetes from a young age. It encourages them to recognise the strength in their daily courageous acts.

JDRF spoke to Jade who explained how she was inspired to write this book: “I get frustrated about people not knowing enough about type 1 but I think it is our job as people with type 1, to educate others.

“There are a lot of misconceptions and the older people are, the more difficult it is to change people’s perceptions. If we want to influence a younger person and change the misconceptions then we have to start with the younger generation, who will be adults one day.”

In the same way that Jade’s one-woman show, Pricks, is based on her life with type 1 – so is Daisy Donald. As Jade explains: “When I was a child there were no support networks or social media community for people with type 1, but I was lucky enough to have a great mum who was really supportive.

“My mum was fantastic and made life easier for me – she would go into school and educate the teachers and tell them everything they needed to know.

“So the things that my mum said to help me are reflected in this book. How she told me that I’m different but that in a way which felt really cool, like I had a bit of a superpower basically.

“I felt it was a good thing even though it is so relentless and a total pain in the bum I want other children to feel how I was able to feel… whatever superpowers my mum made me feel I had.

“Her amazing emotional support made all the difference to my life at the time and my future prospects.”

Explaining the superhero powers that those with type 1 diabetes possess, Jade highlighted: “Most type 1s have to be so resilient so they are super strong as human beings – it has made me the resilient person I am.

“Daisy Donald will be an inspiration to young people with type 1 diabetes – showing them that they too are superheroes – proving that it will not stop them doing what they want. “

A pound from each book sale will be donated to JDRF.

You can find Daisy Donald on Amazon and Jade’s Etsy page: Pricks Products.