Storm on Twitter follows talk show debate about ‘diabetes’ and overweight children

Posted on 23 April 2014

A storm has erupted on Twitter after a television show attempted to whip up a public debate about ‘diabetes,’ chocolate Easter eggs and overweight children.news_channel 5 logo

An episode of Channel 5’s The Wright Stuff, airing on Good Friday, was promoted with a description on the show’s website asking: ‘Does every good child deserve an Easter Egg? One in four kids is overweight or obese and here we are about to ram their little gullets with tooth rotting, diabetes causing chocolate.’

While obesity is a risk factor in developing type 2 diabetes, some people with the condition develop it despite living a healthy lifestyle.

In the UK, 97 per cent of childhood diabetes is type 1 diabetes ­– an autoimmune condition that cannot be prevented and is not linked to lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise. There is nothing that they or their parents could have done to avoid their condition.

After being inundated with complaints on Twitter, presenter Matthew Wright tweeted: “Sugar in chocs and sugar linked to diabetes. So the error is?”

Sky News presenter Stephen Dixon, who lives with type 1 diabetes, responded via his personal Twitter account saying: ‘This causes a lot of agro for T1 kids and adults, like me.’

Karen Addington, CEO of JDRF said: ‘Children with type 1 diabetes, and their parents, often receive comments from others who mistakenly believe they ate too many sweets. Youngsters with the condition did nothing wrong by enjoying a chocolate egg this Easter. They just had the burden of injecting a corresponding amount of insulin – and that’s through no fault of their own.’

We would encourage all broadcasters to educate themselves on the facts behind type 1 and type 2 diabetes and we are very happy to provide all the support that they need.’