Latest update on FreeStyle Libre supplies

Posted on 19 July 2018

Flash glucose monitor on arm with reader showing measurement

Abbott, the manufacturer of the FreeStyle Libre ‘flash’ glucose monitoring system has today announced that it will be increasing the amount of sensors customers can order at a time to three, after they were restricted earlier this year.  Customers will still be only able to order once every 25 days, but the free shipping offer will remain.

The company will also be inviting new customers who are currently on its waiting list to place orders over the coming days, via email invitation.  You can sign up to the FreeStyle Libre waiting list to purchase the device, however there will be an additional wait.

Abbott continues to assure us that those prescribed the FreeStyle Libre on the NHS will not be affected by the restrictions.

Abbott has thanked customers for their patience, and JDRF remains in close contact with the company to raise the issues faced by people with type 1 diabetes due to the continuing supply restriction.

For more information, please visit the Abbott website.

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