JDRF Kilimanjaro climbers complete monumental mountain challenge

Posted on 23 June 2014

A JDRF team of trekkers has triumphed in its bid to be the largest ever group living with type 1 diabetes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.Kris Wood completes Kilimanjaro challenge for JDRF 227 x 174

The group set off last week to climb Africa’s tallest mountain, before scaling the summit over the weekend to enjoy stunning views – and the taste of glory.

The heroic team of trekkers climbed the beautiful Marangu trail, through muddy rainforest, along rocky paths and over valleys, past glaciers and ice cliffs. Participants living with type 1 diabetes faced the challenge of managing their condition as temperatures, altitude and their energy levels constantly changed.

Having climbed to an altitude of over 5,800m, the team has now completed its descent down the mountain. They can now relax, rebalance and rest their aching limbs before heading back to the UK.

Donor Development Officer at JDRF Kris Wood took part in the challenge. He said: ‘This was an incredible experience – one that I and the rest of the group will never forget. There were certainly challenges along the way, but working in such a close-knit team meant we could pull through it together.’

Kris, who lives with type 1 diabetes, added: ‘Before we set off, I was daunted by what lay ahead. But we’ve proven that you can write your own stories in life and if you put your mind to it, any challenge is possible.’

Karen Addington, Chief Executive of JDRF, said: ‘This remarkable adventure will go down in JDRF history. It highlights that living with type 1 diabetes does not have to stop you from achieving great things.

‘My thanks to everyone who embarked on this challenge, and for supporting our mission to cure type 1 diabetes.’