JDRFNewsFirst drug to delay type 1 diabetes receives approval from key US advisory committee

First drug to delay type 1 diabetes receives approval from key US advisory committee

Posted on 28 May 2021

A woman and child doing a blood glucose test

The first ever drug to delay type 1 diabetes in those at risk has taken a big step towards availability – after it received approval from a key advisory committee in the United States.

Teplizumab, which is an immunotherapy developed through JDRF research, was yesterday recommended for approval by an Advisory Committee of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

If the FDA approves it, teplizumab will be the first disease-modifying drug for people at risk of developing clinical type 1 diabetes. Trials have shown it can delay the onset of the condition – and therefore the need for insulin injections – by nearly three years. JDRF has backed development of the therapy over the course of many years.

Supporting progress on cures

Teplizumab’s progress is also good news for people already living with type 1 diabetes, as it means we now have a better understanding of how to stop the immune system’s attack on insulin-producing beta cells.

Combined with a way to regrow the lost beta cells, that same knowledge could lead us to a type 1 diabetes cure.

Pushing for availability

Karen Addington, UK Chief Executive of JDRF, said: “This is very exciting news – and it’s news that demonstrates JDRF’s impact. Supporters’ donations have allowed us to back this immunotherapy drug through trials and through engagement with regulators. Full FDA approval would see us push for availability of this drug in the UK.”

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