JDRF, the type 1 diabetes charityNewsFamily to double donations to fund life-changing type 1 diabetes research

Family to double donations to fund life-changing type 1 diabetes research

Posted on 26 March 2021

Daisy and her horse

JDRF supporter Kathy and her family will double donations given to the type 1 diabetes research charity JDRF before midnight on 18 April 2021, up to a value of £80,000. 

By doubling donations from JDRF supporters, the family’s generous contribution could raise a potential £160,000 to fund life-changing type 1 diabetes research and support people living with type 1 today.

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Kathy and her family were left a legacy from Kathy’s Great Aunt to donate to charity, which the family rounded up to £80,000. With Kathy’s 12-year-old daughter, Daisy, having recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, the family chose to donate the money to JDRF to fund vital research to improve lives for people with type 1 and work towards eradicating the condition for good. 

Kathy says: “We want to fund as much research as we can, so we’ve added our own donation to round the total up to £80,000 – and decided to invite other people who care about type 1 to take part too.

This means our total donation will be used to match the donations JDRF receives from you, pound for pound. To release the full £80,000, we need the type 1 community to help raise £80,000. That would make an incredible £160,000 to invest in JDRF’s work and type 1 research.”

Daughter Daisy was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2020, after test results from her nurse saw her taken immediately to hospital. Kathy remembers the steep learning curve the family have been on since then, and how finding JDRF provided a beacon of hope.

She says: “All I wanted was a cure. I trawled endless websites, learning all I could about type 1. In the end the answer was clear: investing in type 1 research is the only way to find new treatments and the cure we all want so desperately. And JDRF is the organisation best qualified to deliver breakthrough results.”

JDRF’s Supporter Relations  Manager, Saira Rahim says: “We are delighted and extremely grateful to Kathy’s family for their generous support. It’s a great opportunity for JDRF supporters and the type 1 community to come together and maximise the amount of money we can raise to fund our work and research that will change lives and hopefully one day, eradicate type 1 diabetes for good.”

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