JDRF, the type 1 diabetes charityNewsExplorer’s book raises important awareness of type 1 diabetes – as well as funds for JDRF

Explorer’s book raises important awareness of type 1 diabetes – as well as funds for JDRF

Posted on 13 June 2019

A JDRF supporter with an important message for anyone wanting to fulfil their dreams, whatever they are, has written a book which raises awareness about type 1 diabetes.

All proceeds from TJ Halbertsma’s book Many Worlds to Conquer are being donated to JDRF. At an event in London, JDRF received a cheque for £10,000 from the pre-sales alone!

JDRF is extremely grateful to TJ for donating funds that will be used to support crucial research to help find the cure for the condition.


JDRF’s Allan Sutherland with TJ Halbertsma, right

In the book, – which is dedicated to his nephew Felix who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes aged two, TJ talks about his 10 globe-trekking adventures, describing these as: “An inspiration for you to climb your own mountain in life and fulfil your dreams. Whatever those may be, you too are capable of much more than you imagine.”

The last chapter is about the trek he organised to the summit of Ben Nevis with eight children who have type 1 diabetes.

TJ explains how he came up with the idea: “I wanted to help children with the condition who may feel they have to hold back a bit. Making it to the top of a mountain would be such a confidence builder for them.

“There were some challenges to overcome but with the support of JDRF I knew I would be able to pull this off.”

The event in 2015 was a success and raised over £20,000 for JDRF.


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