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Dr Brian Cuddigan: a tribute

Posted on 02 June 2020

JDRF supporter Dr Brian Cuddigan, who lived with type 1 for more than 80 years, has passed away aged 87

JDRF has paid tribute to a long-term supporter who passed away last month after a stroke – after living with type 1 diabetes for over 80 years.

Karen Addington, Chief Executive of JDRF in the UK, hailed the long-term support of Dr Brian Cuddigan who has died at the age of 87.

Mrs Addington said:  “Everyone here was so very sorry to hear that Dr Brian Cuddigan had died and we will miss him very much.  Brian was a wonderfully generous supporter for over twenty years and helped to fund many of our research projects.  He was a founding member and keen exponent of The Patrons’ Club, which was set up in 2008 in order to accelerate our progress in curing, treating and preventing type 1 diabetes.

“Our sincere condolences go to Rena, his wife, at this sad time.

“I remember the first time I met Brian, I was struck at how incredibly well informed about our work he was. It was always a pleasure to discuss our research strategy and a whole host of other topics with him – and to hear him debate some key findings with one or more of our scientists at a JDRF event.  I know they greatly enjoyed it too.

“Brian lived with type 1 for over 80 years and therefore grew up in a time when so little, compared to today, was known about the condition.  It was fascinating to hear his recollections, consider how much things have changed for the better, and to enjoy his pleasure at new developments and emerging technologies.

“Brian was a great inspiration to me and to many others as he never appeared to let type 1 diabetes stand in the way of living life the way he wanted to.  And, while he never let it hold him back, he always wanted to ensure that others with type 1 would have the opportunity to live full and healthy lives and benefit from our research.

“The JDRF UK team and I are all so glad to have known Brian and we will always be grateful for his steadfast support and wonderful company.”