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Charities Against Hate – bringing positive change to social media platforms

Posted on 14 August 2020

JDRF and a group of fellow charities have released details on how they intend to confront toxicity on social media platforms.

In July, JDRF joined 36 other UK charities in pledging to review its use of Facebook and other social media sites. JDRF and partners believe not enough is being done to stop posts on social platforms which incite hatred of others.

The new statement, released today, reads:

Third Sector Social Media Working Group has been created to review ethical social media and marketing practices and policies.

Charities and non-profits use social media for fundraising, relationship-building, raising awareness of key issues, supporting their services, providing vital and trusted information and more. We are working together to develop longer-term recommendations for real and meaningful changes to ensure these platforms do not support, or provide a place for, online hate which causes real harm to real people.

As part of investigating potential platform changes, we are currently looking at: the experience for our beneficiaries, staff and volunteers on social media and their involvement in shaping this project; ethical partner policies for the sector and the impact on wider fundraising; existing data and information on the impact of hate speech on mental health; and ethical marketing practices for the sector.

Our power comes from working together. We aim to produce a collective proposal of clear and concise changes that will benefit the communities we serve at large, and to make recommendations to social media owners, policy makers and the wider public by the end of the year.

If any charity communications practitioners would like to join our growing group or find out more, please email charities@charitycomms.org.uk. Follow us on @CharityAgstHate.