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Brexit and insulin supply chains – joint JDRF and Diabetes UK statement

Posted on 23 December 2020

A woman injects insulin

Some of you might be feeling worried about insulin supplies in the next few months, in the event of any disruption caused by the end of the Brexit transition period, or by shipping restrictions related to coronavirus.

The type 1 diabetes charity JDRF and Diabetes UK have today issued a joint statement on UK supplies of insulin in the face of the UK’s trade negotiations with the European Union.

Addressing the UK diabetes community, the statement reads: “We want to reassure you that we’ve been speaking regularly to the main insulin manufacturers – and they’ve recently assured us again that they already have stockpiles on UK soil which exceed the six weeks’ supply the government has recommended, and have also established alternate delivery routes into the UK.

“We’re urging people with diabetes not to stockpile insulin or other diabetes medicines themselves. Doing this can disrupt supplies for everyone, and put others who need these medications at risk. However, we do recommend that people reorder medicine supplies early, and don’t wait until they’re about to run out – in case there are any local delays in getting a new prescription filled.

“Over the coming weeks we’ll be keeping in close contact with suppliers and with the government, to make sure that the safety and wellbeing of people with diabetes is a top priority.”

Hilary Nathan, Director of Policy and Communications at JDRF

Bridget Turner, Director of Policy and Care Improvement at Diabetes UK

If you have any questions or are feeling worried, Diabetes UK’s helpline team are available on 0345 123 2399 until 6pm on 23rd December, and between 9am to 3pm on 24th December. They can also be emailed via helpline@diabetes.org.uk and Diabetes UK will get back to you as soon as they can.