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Become a JDRF Youth Ambassador

We’re launching a refreshed Youth Ambassador Programme, which empowers young people living with type 1 diabetes to share their experience with others, busting the myths surrounding the condition.
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Kate Lawton 1 September 2022

JDRF Youth Ambassador Josie

Different youth ambassador roles available

We will work with the Ambassadors to give them the confidence to talk about their own experiences with type 1, while learning valuable life skills along the way.

There are three different roles available:

  • Rufus Club – age 10 and below. The Rufus Club is aimed at younger families and will provide Ambassadors with information about type 1 so that they can help others in their school and community to learn more about the condition.
  • t1 Ambassadors – age 11-16 years. JDRF will provide enable Ambassadors to share their story and help to shape the services they receive by holding training sessions on subjects ranging from presenting skills to advocacy.
  • t1 Mentors – age 17-25. JDRF will support older Ambassadors to mentor someone
    younger and show them how to navigate problems they may be facing such as, talking to friends about type 1, going to university, socialising and starting work.

Encouraging all young people who want to make a difference

Hayley Anderson, Director of People and Operations at JDRF said: “We’re delighted to be launching our new-look Youth Ambassador Programme. Not only will this programme benefit those who take part, it will also help other young people living with type 1 to feel less isolated. I’d encourage all young people who want to make a difference to their local community to get involved.”

Josie’s story

Josie Newth, JDRF Youth Ambassador said: “I remember the moment I first wanted to share my voice. I was a week into my diagnosis, overwhelmed by the information being thrown at me. I began looking through YouTube to try and find other people living happy, fulfilling lives with type 1. I didn’t manage to find any videos. I felt so alone.

“I decided then that I was going to fill that gap. The Youth Ambassador programme is a platform that allows me to share my stories, to spread awareness of diabetes, to connect and build community.”

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