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Abbott Libre purchase supply warning

Posted on 04 April 2018

Freestyle Libre flash glucose monitor on arm with reader showing measurement

Abbott, the manufacturer of the Freestyle Libre ‘flash’ glucose monitoring system has announced additional restrictions to its supply of sensors available for purchase.

Existing customers will continue to be able to purchase a limit of two sensors per order every 25 days with free shipping via its website, which may take up to three weeks to be delivered.

The website is closed to new customers until July, although sensors may be accessed privately through some pharmacies. Prospective  customers can join a mailing list accessible through the webshop if they wish to be alerted when it reopens.

Abbott assures us that supplies to people with type 1 diabetes who have Libre prescribed through the NHS will not be affected.

Abbott has apologised for letting customers down, and JDRF remains in close contact with the company to raise the issues faced by people with type 1 diabetes due to this supply restriction.

For more information, please visit the Abbott website.  Read the latest on local NHS provision of flash glucose monitoring.