JDRF, the type 1 diabetes charityNews£1m pledge for type 1 diabetes research from the Steve Morgan Foundation

£1m pledge for type 1 diabetes research from the Steve Morgan Foundation

Posted on 17 December 2019

Steve and Sally Morgan in a JDRF-funded research lab
Steve and Sally Morgan in a JDRF-supported type 1 diabetes research lab.

The Steve Morgan Foundation marked November as Diabetes Awareness Month by making a further charitable pledge of £1million to support type 1 diabetes research.

Businessman and philanthropist Steve Morgan, and his wife Sally who is a trustee of the Foundation, have had their family life impacted by type 1 diabetes since 2017.

That was when Sally’s son, Hugo, was diagnosed with the condition at the age of just seven. Type 1 diabetes is complex and challenging, requiring insulin to be injected daily, along with multiple daily checks of blood glucose levels.

Through their experience of type 1 diabetes, the Morgan family has committed to making a difference and funding research so that advances towards finding a cure can be made.

The Steve Morgan Foundation had already, in 2018, pledged £3m to JDRF’s mission to cure the condition.

The £1m pledge came as Steve and Sally attended the Sugarplum Dinner in London, which took place on World Diabetes Day itself and saw stars Mark Ronson and Florence Welch perform.

The Sugarplum Dinner’s founder Jubie Wigan gave a speech, before Sally Morgan then took to the stage to make the pledge announcement – leaving many in the room affected by type 1 diabetes in tears.

The £1million pledge will help fund JDRF’s research programme, which includes immunotherapy studies. These aim to reset the misfiring immune system response seen in type 1 diabetes. The research programme also includes ‘smart’ insulin research – which could one day allow people with type 1 diabetes to have just one injection a week, instead of several a day.

The pledge will also enable JDRF to accelerate vital clinical trials and ensures research can be boosted in an attempt to cure type 1 diabetes, and to enhance current technologies, help-ing to make them available on the NHS.

Karen Addington, Chief Executive of JDRF in the UK, said: “JDRF identifies the most prom-ising research opportunities internationally, and collaborates with world-leading researchers here in the UK, to deliver those breakthroughs needed. The support of Steve, Sally and the Steve Morgan Foundation will help us push the boundaries of medical science, to move closer to the type 1 diabetes cure.”

Steve Morgan said: “Type 1 diabetes is indiscriminate, it can hit anyone and is life changing, not only for the person diagnosed but for the whole family. Through our Foundation Sally and I are delighted to be major supporters of JDRF in their research programme to find a cure. We’re determined to beat this thing for Hugo and all the other Hugo’s in the world.”

About the Steve Morgan Foundation

The Steve Morgan Foundation (previously The Morgan Foundation) was created in 2001 by Steve Morgan CBE. Since then it has committed over £300m of funding. For more information contact Jane Harris, Director of Regional Funding, tel: 01829 782808.

About Steve Morgan CBE

Born in Liverpool, Steve Morgan, was the founder and Chairman of Redrow plc. Steve is also Chairman of the Bridgemere Group of Companies, which has significant land and commercial development interests.

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