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Information for journalists

For journalists

Are you a journalist seeking information about type 1 diabetes and our mission to find the cure? We are able to provide members of the media with:

  • Clear information on the condition and latest research in the field
  • Up-to-date statistics on type 1 diabetes
  • Guidance on the differences between types 1 and 2 diabetes
  • Click-worthy comment from the UK’s leading experts on type 1 diabetes and related research
  • Vivid case studies and personal stories from families affected by type 1 diabetes
  • Our position on a variety of relevant subjects

For all media enquiries please email pressoffice@jdrf.org.uk. This email is monitored between 09:00 and 17:30 Monday to Friday. 

Please note: the above email address is for enquiries from the media/journalists only. Please email info@jdrf.org.uk with all other enquiries.

If you are one of our supporters and want to get your type 1 diabetes story heard by the press, please contact your regional office.