Regan Clarke’s #diaversary story

Regan’s #diaversary: 10/07/2009

Regan Clarke

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes I didn’t really understand what was going on. I felt sad and scared about what my future would hold. I’ve had it for five years now. And although it’s a pain, it’s not all bad!

For my sixth #diaversary, I want to do a sponsored bungee jump for JDRF. I think children that have been newly diagnosed should learn that diabetes doesn’t stop you doing anything, and doesn’t stop you being independent. So I’m going to go out, explore, and do all the cool things in life! I think other kids like me can do the same. Take that diabetes!

Regan’s dad Jamie: We had no control over diabetes entering our lives. Now it’s here, we choose to own it and live positively. Regan is so independent and confident. As a parent to a type 1 child this is such a special feeling – I wish my former self five years ago knew this.

Regan’s #diaversary used to be a time for our family to reflect quietly. Now we decide to mark it – making sure it’s fun and positive! We’ll also use the date to educate others about type 1 diabetes, and myth-bust all those stupid misconceptions about it. And because I’m not sure if I’ll be bungee jumping too!