JDRFLatest news from the campaign

Latest news from the campaign

Read the latest stories from airport security and type 1 diabetes campaigner Rachel Crawford

Widening the use of the MDA card – call for ambassadors!

24 Jan 2022 | Author: Ms Rachel Crawford

Here is hoping that 2022 will be a much better year for us all and that global travel will continue to safely increase.

The Medical Device Awareness Card has been a great help to those departing from UK airports. Please click here to see a copy of the card.

However, now that the ICAO Aviation Security Panel are behind the scheme (read more), we want other countries to adopt the card.

Here is a list of the Civil Aviation Authorities around the world that we are aiming to contact: https://www.icao.int/pages/links.aspx

We are now looking for Ambassadors who can email/send a template letter (and translate it if required) to encourage their national authorities to adopt the card.

If you are interested in helping, please email me on rachel@mdacard.com.

Rachel speaks at JDRF Fusion Online Conference

18 Dec 2020 | Author: Ms Rachel Crawford

In this 7 minute video, Rachel Crawford talks about her campaign to improve the situation at airport security for people travelling with type 1 diabetes during the JDRF Fusion Online Conference (05 Dec 2020).

Watch online: https://youtu.be/-jz-slum8xU

Please see mdacard.com or jdrf.org.uk/airsecurity for more details.

Medical Device Awareness Card Goes Global!

27 Jun 2020 | Author: Ms Rachel Crawford

Following its success since the launch of our UK CAA and AOA sponsored Medical Device Awareness Card, the scheme was presented at an ICAO meeting in early 2020 by the UK CAA and Airports Council International (ACI), as part of a proposal to improve global guidance on security screening for passengers with medical devices. The proposal has since been endorsed by the ICAO Aviation Security Panel and will be included in the next version of the ICAO Security Manual, which is currently in preparation.

The Security Manual is widely used by aviation authorities around the world, and whilst it is not mandatory, it is generally regarded as an authoritative statement of good practice which all states are encouraged to follow.

The updated guidance will recommend that all authorities should consider issuing a Medical Device Awareness Card to remind passengers and screeners of the appropriate guidance and protocols on the screening of medical devices. It suggests the card be made available online to passengers, who may be invited to present it at the security checkpoint to avoid any potential damage to sensitive medical devices and support any request for an alternative method of screening.

The new guidance will incorporate a Medical Device Awareness Card template, which clarifies that insulin pumps should not be removed for screening, and that they should not be screened by X-ray or body scanners, with alternative methods of screening to be used instead.

I would like to personally thank our friends at the UK Civil Aviation Authority for their tremendous support since the launch of the campaign in June 2016.

I will continue my dialogue with airports all over the world to spread awareness of the security protocols which are now clearly defined in the ICAO Security Manual.

Please keep signing and sharing the campaign and if you have a poor experience at airport security, please email me on rachel@mdacard.com with the following information: the airport, date, approximate time, flight number and a description of what happened.

We would, of course, also be very happy to hear about your positive experiences at airport security!

Latest updates with work still progressing during the COVID-19 pandemic

19 Jun 2020 | Author: Ms Rachel Crawford

Although we are sadly not dashing to the airport to go on holiday this summer, we are still working on our campaign to ensure a safe and stress free experience when we travel with insulin pumps and CGMs.

We are aware that there will be a new normal at airports with different systems and procedures in place, so we want to continue to spread awareness and ensure that the CAA and AOA sponsored Medical Device Awareness Card is widely recognised.

To make it easy to remember, we have a new URL … mdacard.com which goes directly to our JDRF information pages. I have a new email address too! I can now be contacted on rachel@mdacard.com.

We want to make sure we reach ALL insulin pump and CGM users (including the Freestyle Libre) and to let people know we are happy to provide a passport-sized printed version of the card, free of charge upon receipt of an SAE (UK only).

So please feel free to print our new A4 posters and share them anywhere T1 related … clinic, doctors, diabetes groups, fundraiser events, conferences … to help us spread the word.

Good news regarding entertainment venues ahead of World Diabetes Day

10 November 2019 | Author: Ms Rachel Crawford

It has been brought to my attention that many insulin pump and CGM users have experienced problems at entertainment venues that use x-ray machines and in some case body scanners at their entrance.

Therefore, I contacted the Security Industry Authority (SIA), the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the UK, who are an independent body reporting to the Home Secretary.

I explained that sometimes Security Officers are not aware of medical devices and the possible consequences if they malfunction. SIA were extremely proactive with their response and Chief Executive, Mr Ian Todd agreed that there was a need to increase the private security industry’s awareness of this issue.

SIA promptly issued guidance to make security operatives aware of how to appropriately, safely and respectfully search people using medical devices such as insulin pumps and CGMs. This included understanding the potentially serious consequences of asking users to remove these devices and/or insisting that these devices go through security equipment that might damage them.

The guidance was distributed via their e-newsletters – SIA Update (received by over 14,800 people) and ACS Update (received by over 970 people) as well as through social media. This was agreed to be the most effective way to get messages to SIA licence holders and to private security businesses.

SIA also confirmed that they are looking to include information on the medical devices in the more detailed guidance they are currently developing on searching and other medical devices. Once completed, they will promote this guidance to the training providers who deliver SIA licence linked qualifications and will also promote it though the SIA Update and ACS Update.

Our sincere thanks go to SIA for their prompt and helpful assistance in this very important matter.

European Commission endorse MDA Card

2 October 2019 | Author: Ms Rachel Crawford

As you know, it has been my aim through this campaign to make international air travel easier and less stressful for those who wear an insulin pump, CGM or Freestyle Libre.

Well, I have some fantastic news for you!

Our Medical Device Awareness Card was presented at the September meeting of the Stakeholders Advisory Group on Aviation Security (SAGAS) in Brussels by Jonathan Hogben, Senior Adviser of the Aviation Security Regulation team at the UK Civil Aviation Authority.

The group is hosted by the European Commission and attended by Member States and Industry bodies, including, among others, ACI Europe, IATA, ICAO, ECAC and EASA.

Details of our campaign and reasons why the card was needed were presented along with the recommendation that the Commission fully endorse the card and Member States consider replicating and disseminating the card through the same means as the UK.

We are delighted to say that the Commission gave its endorsement of the card and made a commitment to aid with future dissemination and translation throughout Member States.

ACI Europe also stated they would take up the issue with its members (over 500 airports) and look to translate the card into all of the ICAO languages.

We will keep you to-to-date with developments as they happen and would like to thank our friends at the UK Civil Aviation Authority for their tremendous support.

Virgin Atlantic are the first airline to add our card to their website

21 June 2019 | Author: Ms Rachel Crawford

I am currently contacting airlines, asking them to add a link to the Medical Device Awareness Card to their official websites so that we can reach as many passengers as possible.

The first airline to add the link is Virgin Atlantic. Their Head of Medical Services, Linda Porter said “I applaud your campaign and like you have a non-relenting passion for protecting our customers and especially those living with medical conditions. Our Special Assistance team will be able to direct our customers with insulin pumps and CGMs to this link.

For a full history of updates, please see https://www.change.org/p/airport-authorities-standard-policy-for-insulin-pumps-at-airport-security