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Peer support principles

The Six Principles of Good Peer Support for People Living with Type 1 Diabetes.
Content last reviewed and updated: 22.09.2023

An older man and woman with type 1 diabetes sitting together on a sofa, holding cups of coffee while having a chat and laugh

JDRF, Diabetes UK and NHS England, together with people with lived experience, have worked to produce  The Six Principles of Good Peer Support for People Living with Type 1 Diabetes. These principles are intended to demonstrate to both clinicians and potential group members what they should expect from a peer support group and their benefits and give confidence to referring clinicians.

Partnerships and co-production at its heart

With co-production at its heart, this document provides a helpful framework for group leaders, members and clinicians and can be used to embed consistent and clear values in Peer Support Groups.

Partha Kar, National Specialty Advisor for Diabetes at NHS England said: “This piece of work, led by six amazing individuals living with type 1 diabetes is a welcome step forward and hopefully sets the template for peer support being as much a fundamental part of type 1 diabetes care as education and technology.” See Partha’s blog about type 1 peer support.

Dan Farrow, Head of Community Engagement at JDRF UK who helped create these principles said: “JDRF is delighted to be collaborating with Diabetes UK and NHS England on highlighting the importance of peer support in type 1 diabetes. Peer support, or people drawing on shared experiences to help each other with knowledge, information and support, is a simple but powerful approach to health and wellbeing. The set of principles shared here, importantly coproduced with people living with type 1, really demonstrate what people affected by type 1 diabetes can expect and gain from peer support. I am excited to see how this journey continues.”

Andy Broomhead, Head of Engaging Communities and Volunteering at Diabetes UK who has also part of the group that help create these principles said: “Being able to work on these principles with NHS England, JDRF UK and a group of people living with type 1 diabetes has been hugely rewarding. Peer support, in all its forms, is incredibly important and gives people confidence to manage their diabetes well. These principles highlight what people with diabetes value the most from peer support and we’re proud that so much of the support that our volunteers offer is already founded in these ideas.”

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