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A young woman high up on a bouldering course, exercising to help manage her type 1 diabetes

Reproductive health

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A woman who is laying on her bed, experiencing period pain as part of menstruation


If you have type 1 diabetes, menstrual cycles can affect your type 1 management. Your blood glucose may rise higher than usual and you may be more resistant to insulin during your period.

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A woman with type 1 diabetes who is holding a packet of contraceptive pills


There are many different methods of contraception, and each has pros and cons when it comes to how it can affect your type 1 diabetes.

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A woman with type 1 diabetes who is discussing pregnancy with a nurse


If you have type 1 diabetes there’s no reason why you can’t start thinking about pregnancy or expanding your family, it just takes some extra planning. Get information about managing a pregnancy through to giving birth and breastfeeding.

Shared stories

Explore our everyday life topics

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A person with type 1 diabetes eating a bowl of salad
Everyday life

Food and nutrition

Eating a healthy balanced diet is good for everyone – whether you have type 1 diabetes or not. If you have type 1 there are a few things you will need to be aware of when you eat and drink, but that needn’t stop you enjoying delicious and nutritious food.

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An older woman with type 1 diabetes exercising in a swimming pool
Everyday life


Exercise is an important part of everyone’s general health and there’s no need to stop because you have type 1. Whether you’re walking the dog or training for a marathon, learn how to manage your glucose levels and insulin intake.

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A person vaping
Everyday life

Smoking and vaping

It’s well known that smoking causes many health problems, like heart and lung disease. When you have type 1 diabetes, smoking can make it harder to manage your blood glucose levels and increase your risk of complications.