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Support for you

A type 1 diagnosis can come as a shock and the information you need to learn can feel overwhelming. But you don’t need to go through this alone. There is lots of support out there, from your child’s Diabetes Healthcare Team, other parents and carers of children with type 1, school and nursery staff and organisations that can support you.
Content last reviewed and updated: 14.05.2024

When can I talk to my child’s Diabetes Healthcare Team?

You will see your child’s Diabetes Healthcare Team about four times a year, but they are available all year around to support you and your child.

You may have plenty of questions after a new diagnosis, and in the months and years that follow. Your Diabetes Healthcare Team is there to help, so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for their support. They are used to helping parents of newly diagnosed children so you can’t ask them too many questions.

Opening up to friends and family

Talking about your child’s diagnosis can help you through this difficult time. Tell people about the diagnosis and what it means for your child, so that you feel that the important people in your life understand. Share how you’re feeling– it’s important to recognise the impact the diagnosis has had on your wellbeing too. It’s ok to express how stressful it has been.

Parents with a daughter who uses hybrid closed loop technology

Finding other parents and guardians of children with type 1

No-one will understand the impact of a new diagnosis like someone who is going through it or has gone through it as well. Finding people who know what the day-to-day management of type 1 is like may help you as your learn, as well as giving you an understanding shoulder to lean on.

There are different ways you can connect with parents of children with type 1:

Diabetes Healthcare Team

Ask your child’s Diabetes Healthcare Team if they can connect you with other parents (there may be legal restrictions on them sharing this information, but they may have good advice).

Find peer support groups in the area

Ask your Diabetes Healthcare Team if there are any peer support groups you can join in your area. These are groups where parents come together to talk about looking after a child with type 1.

You can also search for these groups online or check out our useful links below.

Ask at nursery or school

Ask to your child’s nursery leaders or teachers if there are other pupils with type 1 at the nursery or school, and if or how they’re allowed to share this information with you.

Talk to other parents and be open about your child’s type 1. You never know who might be going through the same thing as you are.

Friends and family

As well as being a support for you, your friends and family might know other people who have children with type 1 that they can connect you with.

Join the JDRF community

At JDRF, many of our staff members have a personal connection with type 1 so we understand how difficult a new diagnosis can be.

We run virtual and in-person events where you can meet our staff and other families living with type 1, as well as learning from healthcare professionals and technologies companies about type 1 and what’s available to help you and your child.

If you’re struggling with a new diagnosis, or any aspect of life with type 1, you can email our outreach team for support and advice.

You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn or sign up to our enewsletter.

Getting connected on social media


There is a lot of information on Twitter about type 1 diabetes and it’s a great way to connect with other parents and carers.

There are lots of hashtags you can follow including #Type1Diabetes #Diabetes #T1D #t1diabetes.

You can also follow type 1 diabetes organisations, like Digibete.

#GBDoc and #NIDoc

#GBDoc (Great Britain Diabetes Online Community) and #NIDoc (Northern Ireland Diabetes Online Community) are two online communities. Follow the hashtags to get involved in the conversation and connect to other people living with or looking after someone with type 1.


Diabetes Chat is an online community and chat space that connects parents of children with type 1, adults with type 1 and healthcare professionals.

Every Monday evening at 8pm, you can join a Twitter Space (#diabeteschat will post the link just before the event) to hear news, fun facts and presentations from healthcare professionals and invited speakers.

There’s also the opportunity to connect with other parents and carers of children with type 1 and share your experiences.

Find out more about #diabeteschat  and follow them on Twitter. You can also use the hashtag #diabeteschat to join the community and conversation online.

Facebook groups

There are active Facebook groups where you can ask questions to other parents and carers and share experiences and news:

Information and support online


Digibete is a free video platform and app that has information and resources for children, young people, parents and families manging type 1 diabetes. It was founded by Maddie and Rob Julian, who have a child with type 1, and is funded by NHS England.

You can go to the Digibete website and ask your child’s Diabetes Healthcare Team to recommend you for the app if you are based in England.

Books for you and your child

There are lots of books about type 1 that are aimed at children and explain type 1 diabetes and show how they can still be happy and healthy:

Useful links

Children and families

Digibete – Video resources to help people and families manage type 1 diabetes

SCD Supporting children with diabetes

Mental health support for you

If you’re struggling with your child’s diagnosis, there is general mental health support that you can access:

Further support and information

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Type 1 Diabetes Discovery magazine

Type 1 Discovery magazine

Type 1 Discovery is our 24-page magazine, giving you the latest news, events, features and research updates about type 1 diabetes and JDRF, three times a year.

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Two women dancing together at a JDRF ball

The type 1 community

Connect with people who understand what you’re going through. Explore social media groups, online forums, community events and read shared experiences.

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Contents of JDRF's School Pack free resource to help teachers and parents manage type 1 diabetic children in educational setting

Order information packs

Get free information packs and leaflets on coping with diagnosis, type 1 technology, supporting your child at school or university plus much more.

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A you guy shown with type 1 technology on his arm. JDRF UK YouTube type 1 diabetes technology video playlist where we discuss apps for managing type 1.

YouTube playlists

Our YouTube channel includes tech explainer videos, Discovery event videos on many type 1 topics, and films of people with type 1 discussing tech.

Type 1 Discovery Events

Our free Type 1 Diabetes Discovery events run throughout the year, across the UK and virtually. People with type 1 hear from leading experts, explore type 1 technology with device companies, and meet others living with the condition.

Family at Discovery One Walk

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