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Here you’ll discover the many things that inspire people of all ages to live life to the full with type 1 diabetes. Plus there’s inspiraT1on from parents, grandparents and friends of people with type 1. 

Want to share what motivates you every day? Share your inspiration below. Or if you’re in need of a little inspiraT1on right now, start exploring…


Since being diagnosed I do things I wouldn’t have done before diagnostic, for example D of E, and this is because I want to prove T1D doesn’t stop you, I inspire myself when I achieve something new. ~ Amy

Type 1 shouldn't be a Barrier to your Sporting Aspirations

I've lived with Type 1 Diabetes for nearly 19 years, I've represented my country in Futsal, been paid to play Football as a semi-professional and set up a peer support community for people with Diabetes interested in Football. I'd say that Diabetes gave me the extra motivation to do all of these things and has actually given me friends for life as I competed in a team of all type 1 Diabetics representing the UK (DiaEuro). Don't let it define you! ~ Chris

Forever happy there are no limits

Hanna diagnosed at three, five years go. Pumping for 4.5 years now. Never stops smiling. Take the stride into her hands. Love swimming and holidays. T1D never stop her to do what she likes...... never give up the cure is waiting. The world is full of your dreams and great things are waiting for you. My daughter my inspiration. Always and forever. ~Graznya

Being ready

I was diagnosed in 1977, aged 4. I've looked after myself so when a cure is delivered I am in the best health to enjoy it. I'm no saint. I live life to the full but for every day off I have 100 where I am all over my numbers. ~ Sam

My 5 year old son is my InspiraT1on

He inspires me to look up at the light when I’m stuck in the darkness.

When I look at him, I see how far our family has come. I see everything we have gotten through. I see all the times we’ve pushed on even when we thought we couldn’t. We have got through it all because of him and his bravery and strength.

Every day might not be good, but he reminds me that there’s something good in every day.

Life is tough my darling boy, but so are you! ~ Michelle

Our Best Shot

My sister inspires me to be strong when I am met with adversity. As a big sister, the hardest thing for me was knowing that there was nothing I could do to take it all away and make it all better. What I can do is support her and fight for T1 diabetics to be recognized in society without judgement, so I created a page advocating for T1D for my Girl Scout Gold Award. You can check it out on Facebook or Instagram by searching Our Best Shot. Thanks! ~ Lindsey

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