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Which clinic can I go to for an insulin pump or CGM?

Uptake of insulin pumps can vary by ten times from clinic to clinic so how do different clinics compare?

Graph showing insulin pump usage
The proportions of patients attending specialist Type 1 diabetes services that use pumps varies tenfold.

Our spreadsheets show how different clinics compare to each other and to the national averages (England, Wales, Adults, Children & Young People) in terms of insulin pump use. Click on the link then choose from the page tabs at the bottom:

  • England – Adults
  • Wales – Adults
  • Graph – Adults
  • England & Wales – Children and young people

The graph above is from the National Diabetes Insulin Pump Audit, 2016-2017 England and Wales, and shows that, whilst insulin pump use in the UK has increased, there is still a huge variability from clinic-to-clinic. The orange line shows the national average in England and the black line shows the national average in Wales, whilst the grey vertical lines show Welsh LHBs. So far we only have statistics on pump use but the national audits should include CGM very soon.

Increase in pump use from 2011 to 2018

The national audits (linked below) show that pump use has increased significantly between 2011 and 2018.

In 2011 just over 2% of adults with type 1 in England used a pump and just over 8% of children and young people.

In 2017 (audit published in 2018) 15.6% of adults with type 1 in England and 6.7% of adults in Wales used a pump. Pump use in children & young people in England & Wales reached 32.2%. A full 45.6% of those with type 1 aged up to 4 years used pumps.

National Diabetes Audits and National Paediatric Diabetes Audits

For the full reports that our spreadsheets are taken from, see the links below to the most recent England & Wales insulin pump audits. Older audit data is also available from these links.

2018 – National Diabetes Insulin Pump Audit 2016-17
– Pump use in adults in England 15.6%, Wales 6.7%

2018 – National Paediatric Diabetes Audit 2016-17
– Pump use in children & young people in England & Wales continues to rise; now 32.2%
– Ages 0-4 years 45.7% use pumps, 15-19 years 27% use pumps

For information about uptake in Scotland please contact IPAGScotland

We do not currently have data for Northern Ireland but we are finding out if it is available. Please check back.