Pumps and infusion sets available in the UK

View our comparison table of all insulin pumps currently available in the UK. With thanks to Dr Peter Hammond who provided the inspiration and some of the data for this table.

Manufacturer/Distributor websites

Please visit the manufacturers’ websites to see up-to-date information about – and better pictures of – their pumps.






Roche Accu-Chek



Infusion sets

With tubed pumps there is usually a choice of infusion set, so you can use one that suits you best.  If you have only ever used one type of infusion set you might want to ask your pump nurse or the pump company for samples of the other infusion sets to try out.

The variety includes:

  • manual vs. automatic insertion
  • teflon vs. steel cannula
  • straight-in vs. slanted needle
  • ability to disconnect the infusion set without removing the cannula

See the comparison table linked above to find out what types of infusion set are available with which pumps.

In development / coming soon

JewelPUMP2:  in development patch-pump