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Blood glucose meters

A blood glucose meter is a small medical device that checks the amount of glucose in your blood

Blood glucose monitor
Blood glucose monitor

To use the meter a user would prick their finger to release a small amount of blood. This blood is then placed on a test strip and is read by the meter. If you have type 1 diabetes, you’ll probably check your blood glucose at least six times a day, though it is not uncommon for people to check much more than this.

What type of blood glucose meters are there?

There is a huge range of meters on the market, with over forty meters currently available in the UK. They usually have some common components – a lancet to prick the finger; a digital display, and a place to insert the strip.

Some modern meters include features like calculators to help you work out insulin to carbohydrate ratios; a USB connection so that you can read results on a computer; and lights so that they can be used in the dark. There are also ‘strip free’ meters, whereby 50 tests are stored on a rotating cassette.

How do I choose one?

Be sure to research the different types of meter and ask your healthcare professionals about the different features that might benefit you.

Here are a list of suppliers:

Brand names Manufacturers
Accu-Chek Roche Diabetes Care
BGStar, My Star Extra Sanofi
CareSens, Tee2 Spirit Healthcare  
Contour Bayer Diabetes Care
FreeStyle Abbott Diabetes Care
GlucoMen Menarini Diagnostics
GlucoRx Nexus GlucoRx Ltd
IME-DC Artic Medical
Mendor Discreet Mendor Ltd
Mylife Ypsomed Ltd
Omnitest 3 B Braun
OneTouch Verio LifeScan
TRUEyou, TRUEresult Nipro Diagnostics  
WaveSense AgaMatrix Europe Ltd