Pregnancy Toolkit (e-download)

Most women with type 1 diabetes are aware that they should plan for pregnancy, but many women don’t know why it’s so important

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TLiving with type 1_Information packs and leaflets_Pregnancy Toolkithroughout this pregnancy toolkit, we’ll talk about many of the factors that you have to consider when getting ready for a baby. We will discuss pregnancy with type 1 diabetes, with special emphasis on preconception planning, the actual pregnancy and delivery.

We’ll also explain the type 1 diabetes management goals for pregnancy and how to obtain the best possible support from healthcare providers at every stage.

This is all about what to expect when you’re expecting…with a type 1 diabetes twist.

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"The toolkit was very useful. It is a comprehensive guide to anyone starting to look into pregnancy. It is a daunting prospect, its great that is encouraging and make you believe it is totally achievable.

I liked the way the guide is broken down into trimesters, and the common misconceptions sections are useful. It was also good to have sections on labour and post-birth, as I think a lot of the emphasis is on pre-conception and during pregnancy."
Karen, London