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KIDSAC – pack for children with type 1 diabetes

If your child has been recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, you can order a free KIDSAC to help them and you to manage their condition better.

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The pack includes:

  • Rufus, the bear with type 1 diabetes. He has special felt patches on his test and injection sites to practice on
  • A handy type 1 reference folder to keep all your diagnosis information and leaflets together and a drawstring bag
  • Information leaflets to help you cope with the diagnosis and live with type 1 diabetes
  • A pocket guide to give to friends and family (you can order more if you need them)
  • Free type 1 story book – Ivy and Iver Meet Rufus is a story book about Rufus and some of his other friends with type 1 diabetes. It’s inspired by children fighting big battles. Written by two mums of children with type 1 diabetes, the book seeks to normalise the condition and helps children, their siblings and peers to understand everyday life with type 1 diabetes through informal education

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