Transitioning to adult care

When is the right time to transition to adult care?

When transitioning to adult care, different clinics in the UK have different policies. Some start the process when you are 14 years old, and others when you are 16 or 17.

Some centres also have ‘transition’, young person or adolescent clinics where care is shared between adult and paediatric services.

As life can get pretty busy and stressful during your teenage years, you may want to continue to see your paediatric team until you’ve finished school. But if you feel uncomfortable sitting in a waiting room with young children, transferring to an adult team may be the better option.

It is important that you find a doctor or team you feel comfortable with. You also need to like and trust them. It might take a few false starts before you find new diabetes healthcare professionals that suit you, but it is worth persisting.

Seeing an adult-focused healthcare professional is likely to feel strange at first – they will be working with you, not your parents. But keeping your parents informed and involved is a good idea. They will worry less, and support your decisions if they know you are looking after yourself.