Weight and body image

Managing your type 1 diabetes means you have a constant focus on diet and weight management. This can impact on body image

How your body reacts to insulin is unique. You might find it causes you to gain weight or it might be hard to put on weight. You may also get bruises or marks left by injections, or wearing an insulin pump, can also have a negative impact on your body image by being physical reminders of type 1 diabetes.

If you struggle to maintain a healthy diet and wright, it might be helpful to work with your dietitian to develop a plan of action that will help you to stay healthy. Try to focus on this, rather than your body size.

If you think you need more help, speak to your doctor or healthcare team about getting professional counselling to deal with any barriers you may have in achieving a healthy weight.

Eating disorders

People with type 1 diabetes are more likely to suffer from eating disorders, like diabulimia. If you think that you or someone your know, might be having problems with food or insulin omission, DWED can offer guidance.