Health and wellness

Emotional wellbeing

Constant management and ongoing targets and tests can be overwhelming and it’s normal to feel burnt out


Birth control is an important issue as there are greater risks for you and your baby if the pregnancy is unplanned


Effects on your blood glucose levels when you're ill and how to manage the impact


Planning your pregnancy, what to consider during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding and download our pregnancy toolkit


Menstrual cycles can affect your blood glucose levels. Here's what you need to know.

Weight and body image

Managing your type 1 diabetes means you have a constant focus on diet and weight management


Understanding erectile dysfunction when you have type 1 diabetes and how to get the right support


The best idea is to avoid recreational drugs altogether, but if you can’t avoid them you should talk to your doctor or healthcare team


Smoking with type 1 diabetes could increase the risk of complications. Find support to quit.


Your social life doesn't need to stop when you have type 1 diabetes. Find out how to manage nights out with type 1.

Thrush and balanitis

When you have type 1 diabetes, you're more likely to suffer from thrush and balanitis