Everyday life

Don’t let your type 1 diabetes hold you back from living your life. Here are some helpful pages to help you get through anything.


Information on disclosing type 1 to your employer, reasonable adjustments at work and the Equality Act


Exercise is an important part of your general health, but it also helps you to maintain good type 1 diabetes management


Top 10 tips to help you to travel with minimum stress and enjoy your holiday wherever you go

Food and nutrition

Information to help you start to plan a healthy diet plus the facts about sugar, carb counting, fats and protein


How to continue to drive safely when you have type 1 and what you need to inform the DVLA

Special occasions

What to consider when planning for special occasions including birthdays, weddings and religious holidays

School and university

How to manage your type 1 at school and university plus links to our school pack and university toolkit

Visiting or moving to the UK with an insulin pump

What you need to know about the UK health system before visiting or moving here if you have type 1 diabetes

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Airport security and diabetes technology

Not all diabetes technology can safely go through security checks at airports. Here's how to make travelling with type 1 less stressful.

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