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Living with type 1 diabetes

Just because you have type 1 diabetes, it doesn’t mean you need to stop doing the things you love. Browse this section to help you live with type 1 diabetes.

Everyday life

Explore topics to help you manage work, travelling, driving, diet, exercise and special occasions when you have type 1

Health and wellness

Get information on emotional health, managing your weight with type 1, planning a pregnancy, dealing with sickness and more

Healthcare support

Finding the right clinic for you, getting regular check ups, communicating with your healthcare team and transitioning to adult care

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Join the community

Find out about some of the online forums and groups that'll offer you advice and support

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JDRF Discovery Days

Come along to your nearest Type 1 Discovery Day to find out about the latest progress in type 1 research. You'll also meet others living with the condition

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Getting help

Make sure you're getting all the care and support you're entitled to from your healthcare team

Get help

Apps that can help manage type 1 diabetes

There are many apps to help people manage type 1 diabetes. From digital diabetes logbooks to carb counting - there’s an app that might help you!

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Language Matters

Language Matters Diabetes has slowly evolved into a global movement that discusses the language we use when dealing with different types of diabetes. Visit the Language Matters website to view the guide.

Visit the Language Matters website

Get involved

We're making progress to find a cure and prevent and treat type 1 with every project we fund. Get involved to make a positive contribution to future type 1 research.

Explore ways to join in