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Age 10 or under

The Rufus Club

Learn more about The Rufus Club and what’s involved.

Type 1 diabetic Alfie sticking his tongue out at the camera alongside his grandmother who is also smiling

The Rufus Club is aimed at our younger families and will provide you with information about type 1, as well a support network of families with whom you can talk about your experiences and gain insight and support for your family. We are putting together a small series of events, virtual and physical, throughout the year and your child can meet Rufus and receive their Rufus hero medal.

Start your journey with JDRF by:

  • Getting involved along with other Rufus Club members to get creative
  • Feeling part of a fantastic club that is helping JDRF continue its important work
  • Helping others in your school and community to learn more about type 1 diabetes

If you join The Rufus Club we will ask you to complete a set of tasks. These will help JDRF to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes and raise money for our medical research. We will ask you to do tasks such as:

  • Designing thank you cards that we can print and send to the people who fundraise for us
  • Hold a fundraising event at your nursery, school or youth group. This could be a Rufus Tea Party, a Rufus Picnic or a #typeonesie day

What will I get?

Besides being part of the only children’s type 1 diabetes club in the UK, you can meet Rufus and receive your Rufus hero medal.

Sign up for The Rufus Club

If you’d like to become a member, ask your parent/guardian to complete the form below and we will be in touch with more details.

(please note: all communications from JDRF will be undertaken with the parent/guardian).