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Grilled Peaches with Lavender and Vanilla

This super-simple grilled peaches recipe has a lovely fragrant glaze and is perfect for spring/summer tea parties.
Content last reviewed and updated: 04.08.2023

Grilled peaches

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Serves – 4
Preparation time – 5 mins
Cooking time – Approx. 6 mins
Special equipment – High-sided baking tray


4 peaches, ripe, halved and de-stoned – 10g carb per peach
20g unsalted butter
4 tsp brown sugar or 35ml Agave syrup or clear honey – sugar = 20g carb, honey (35 ml) = 18g carb, Agave syrup (35ml) = 25g carb
60ml or 1 whole orange, juiced with pips removed – 6g carb
Half a vanilla pod split – 1.5g carb approx.
2 sprigs lavender (optional)

Total carbs using sugar = 9g carb
Using honey = 8g carb
Using agave syrup = 10g carb


Pre-heat your grill to a medium heat.
On a large baking tray place the halved peaches cut side up.
Fill each cavity with a small knob of butter, sprinkle the brown sugar (or agave/honey) over the peaches and squeeze the orange juice over them.
Slit the vanilla pod lengthways but do not remove the vanilla seeds. Place the vanilla pod into the orange juice in the baking tray.
Scatter the lavender sprigs around the peaches and grill for 10-12 minutes until the peaches begin to bubble and caramelise.
Remove from the grill and leave to cool slightly. Turn the peaches over in the reduced juice in the baking tray to glaze them.


Place the peaches in a large serving dish, drizzle any remaining juices over them and serve with a big pot of creme fraiche or vanilla ice cream. You can dress each peach with a stalk of lavender but it is only for decoration.

Chef’s notes

It is important the peaches are ripe but NOT too ripe otherwise they will not hold.

The lavender will add a little perfume to the dish but it is really there for decoration to dress the peach. Make sure you soak the lavender in the orange juice otherwise it could burn.

Because you are not scraping out the vanilla seeds you can re-use the pod again.

Download this recipe as a PDF