Hold an event

Holding an awareness day at college or school is a great way to make a noise about type 1 diabetes!

Volunteer_T1YA_event2How you organise the day is up to you – you are the type 1 expert after all – but here are some of our top hints and tips.

  • Hold an assembly and give a talk about type 1 diabetes. You might want to blast some of the myths from the T1 Myth Buster. And if you’re happy talking about it, you could talk about what it was like when you were diagnosed and explain what you have to do every day to manage your type 1.
  • You can order some of our information leaflets and hand them out.
  • Challenge everyone to keep track of the carbs they’ve eaten all day and ping an elastic band round their wrist when it’s time to test and inject.
  • Turn it into a fundraising event – could you also have a non-uniform or wear blue day to raise some money too.

Whatever you choose to do, drop us an email to let us know so we can provide you with some information and resources for your event. Contact us on [email protected]