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Speak out

The Government has a huge role to play in transforming type 1 – as well as funding and defining the policies of our health service, UK Government agencies also fund more than a billion pounds of medical research each year.

Our research programme, funded by our generous supporters, has been at the forefront of driving discoveries and developments in type 1 diabetes research for decades – but we know that progress will be faster if we can work in partnership with others.

We also know that our research programme will not be successful until the new treatments and technologies developed from it reach people with type 1 diabetes here in the UK.

Because of this, we focus our research advocacy strategy on:

  1. Working with government, research funding bodies and diabetes organisations to influence their funding levels and priorities. We work in partnership to accelerate research funding and progress.
  2. We work with researchers to understand the research landscape, their needs and the barriers to progress and provide influence and funding to overcome them.
  3. We work with regulatory bodies to help to make new treatments and technologies available through the NHS as quickly as possible. We provide evidence and expertise from people with type 1 and research experts to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) when they review new treatment developments.