The Accelerator Programme

Investing in a life more beautifully ordinary

JDRF type 1 diabetes research in the lab

We all know that type 1 diabetes makes the most ordinary things in life daunting and challenging. It affects energy, emotional health, spontaneity and pleasure. We must bring the day forward when daily life can be beautifully ordinary again for all people with type 1. And that is going to mean speeding up the pace of research and clinical trials. With your support, through our Accelerator Programme, we can achieve this.

Target what’s most important to you

Members of the Accelerator Programme belong to an exclusive group of JDRF supporters who are part of something different. As an Accelerator Programme Member, you can choose to support a specific portfolio(s) of research that resonates with you, focusing on the things that you most want to change about type 1 diabetes. By funding a broader programme of research you will have more impact than supporting a single project alone.

Join the Accelerator Programme by giving an entry level gift of £25,000 per year for four years, or more if you are able.

Improve, Transform, Eradicate

Choose to invest in one or more of three research portfolios:

  • The Improvement Portfolio is low risk and should, within one to five years, make current technologies for managing type 1, or which are arriving soon, much better, and available on the NHS
  • The Transform Portfolio is medium risk but should, within five to 15 years, bring a paradigm shift in the daily life of people with type 1. Some of this research is already in clinical trials, but it needs a boost now to get it over the finish line and into people’s lives more quickly
  • The Eradicate Portfolio is higher risk, and we need to come at it from many directions, with some areas of discovery only just being revealed now. But, in the longer term, it will stop type 1. Cure it. So you never have to think about it again.

Be part of the solution

As a highly valued Accelerator Programme Member, you will receive updates and unprecedented access to the incredible work you’ve made possible:

  • An invitation to our annual CEO Reception to meet our expert researchers and JDRF leadership. You will get the chance to talk to researchers working on your chosen Portfolio(s)
  • An annual Progress Report updating you on the development of research projects within your chosen Portfolio(s)
  • A one-to-one annual meeting with the Director of Research Partnerships to talk about the research that most interests you and hear the latest progress in research innovation
  • A bespoke visit to a research centre of excellence to meet with a leading type 1 diabetes researcher
  • An invitation to the annual US JDRF International Research Mission Summit
  • Opportunities to meet like-minded Accelerator Programme Members who share your vision
  • Patrons’ Club communications, including a regular E-Newsletter and invitations to private Patrons’ Club research receptions.

Accelerator Programme members are at the forefront of a global movement to improve, transform and eradicate type 1 diabetes. Your gift will leave you safe in the knowledge that you are making a substantial difference to the lives of people with type 1, and playing a key role in the search for a cure.

Steve and Sally Morgan

Steve and Sally Morgan in a JDRF-funded research lab
Steve and Sally Morgan in a JDRF-supported type 1 diabetes research lab.

“My wife Sally and I have experienced first-hand the tremendous impact that a type 1 diabetes diagnosis can have on a family. From the initial stages of Hugo experiencing symptoms to him being diagnosed and finding out how we manage this life-long condition it has turned our lives upside down.

We are in a fortunate position to be able to make a difference, and we hope this donation will be a significant step towards funding research that we believe will be life-changing for all the ‘Hugos’ of the world.

We fully support JDRF’s ambition to improve the lives of people with type 1 diabetes and one day eradicate the condition for good. With an average of 16 people across the UK diagnosed each day, we want to raise awareness of the condition so that other families are aware of the symptoms and treatments for the condition.”

~ Steve Morgan CBE, Founder of The Steve Morgan Foundation and Chairman at Redrow PLC

The Accelerator Programme brochure

Learn more about our three research portfolios and the investment required to get involved.

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To learn more about JDRF’s Accelerator Programme and have a confidential discussion about how you can get involved, contact:

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Head of Philanthropy
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