By investing in our global research with a major gift you can truly shape the future for children and adults with type 1 diabetes.

“Now, more than ever before, we request you join us on this exciting journey and be part of an integral part of curing type 1 diabetes. The task ahead is monumental, but not insurmountable – and we simply can’t do it alone – not at least in a reasonable timeframe.” ~ Karen Addington, JDRF UK CEO


Routes to driving world-class research

The Patrons' Club

Supporting pioneering research into type 1 diabetes, our Patrons' Club offers a unique route to shape the future for people living with this complex condition.

The Accelerator Programme

The Accelerator Programme is a new way of approaching type 1 research and supporting our groundbreaking, international research programme which has been consistently involved in the breakthroughs that are improving lives and curing type 1 since 1979

Our impact

Rachel Connor, our Director of Research Partnerships explains the world-class research projects funded by our generous supporters over the last 12 months