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Public Bill Committee

Health and Care Bill

Evidence submission published September 2021


This evidence was submitted to the House of Commons Public Bill Committee, made up of a group of Members of Parliament responsible for assessing the Health and Care Bill. This evidence provided a number of suggestions for amendments to the Bill, aiming to make changes to the proposals and benefit people with type 1 diabetes and their healthcare.

Suggested amendments in the evidence include:

  1. Greater measures to support patient centricity, including more provision for mental health and patient representation on governing boards
  2. Regular training for healthcare providers in type 1 diabetes technology to increase prescription
  3. Integrated Care Systems to hold regular reviews of patient populations and identify health inequalities
  4. Embracing data collection on type 1 diabetes to enhance patient outcomes and research opportunities into new treatments
  5. Empower the NHS to be at the heart of innovation and embrace technology-based treatments for type 1 diabetes

Full report

Read the full report –Written evidence submitted by JDRF to the Public Bill Committee – Health and Care Bill (pdf doc)

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