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Game 2 Give

29 Apr 2020 - 13 Jun 2020

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JDRF Game 2 Give

Game 2 Give starts from 29 April 2020 – FREE to register!

JDRF is looking for streamers, clans and local gaming groups alike to help change the lives of people with type 1 diabetes through their favourite games in 2020.

Choose your challenge by organising a gaming event for JDRF, by gaming or streaming with friends and family you can help raise funds and be part of the next type 1 diabetes breakthrough.

Are you ready to pick up a controller and help us fund groundbreaking research to improve lives and one day eradicate type 1 diabetes for good? Sign up today and receive fundraising support and ideas on how to be a part of this national gaming campaign.

JDRF Game 2 Give - a woman takes on a charity gaming challenge

How do I get involved?

There are various options available to you, all depending on your level of gaming and how much time you have. Whether you’re just getting started, new to fundraising or an avid avatar it’s as simple as 1,2,3.

1. Sign up at the Game 2 Give microsite
2. Decide on your challenge, whether you undertake a gaming marathon or host a streaming event it’s up to you!
3. Spread the word and ask your friends, family and followers to sponsor you – or join in!

Make it social and get people talking and donating!

What you’ll get

Once you have signed up you will receive regular support throughout, enewsletters, information on how to set up your fundraising page, as well as a welcome email which includes:

  • ‘Choose your Challenge’ content on how to get started
  • Top fundraising tips

Can under 18s take part?

We ask that every Game 2 Give event and stream are organised by somebody over 18, to ensure our supporters stay safe. Under-18s can still take part in a stream organised by someone else if they have parental consent and other people around to ensure they stay safe.

Game 2 Give FAQs

To understand more about how to get involved with Game 2 Give and what you need to do to take part, view our FAQs page.

Contact us

If you have any question on Game 2 Give or would like to know more please email the virtual events team at virtualevents@jdrf.org.uk

Game 2 Give logo JDRF

Game 2 Give

29 Apr 2020 - 13 Jun 2020