Be a type 1 superhero in 2019

JDRF superheroes Christmas image

Every penny we invest in world-class type 1 research has to come from people like you – our research is not funded by the NHS or the government.

As a 2019 type 1 superhero, you’ll fund cutting edge science that has the power to change lives. Your donations could help develop techniques to regenerate insulin-producing beta cells, or support clinical trials for an artificial pancreas. The research you support will help make life better for adults and children with type 1 – like seven-year-old Anya. That is why you would really be a type 1 superhero this year.

A young Asian girl

“Every year, since she was diagnosed, Anya has benefited from a breakthrough in type 1 research. Last May, Anya started using an insulin pump [instead of injecting four times a day], giving her – and us – much more freedom and peace of mind.” ~ Anya’s dad, Sunil

You can help us to achieve more huge breakthroughs like this

Your gift could fund life-changing projects happening right now, such as Dr Francesca Spagnoli’s research at Kings College London, into growing new insulin-producing cells from skin cells.

This research is vital as growing new beta cells in this way would make them less likely to be rejected by the body. This could form part of a cure, when combined with a treatment to stop the autoimmune attack on the new beta cells. But we can’t invest in this pioneering work without your support.

Will you help us find life-changing breakthroughs by becoming a type 1 superhero today?

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