Be a type 1 superhero this Christmas

JDRF superheroes Christmas image

“Our biggest hope is that more type 1 breakthroughs will happen and sooner.”

Olivia’s mum, Claire.

There is nothing more important than finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. So, we push for more research to find it. Until a cure is found, we invest in research to develop better treatments to make living with type 1 better for everyone.

Olivia using her Libre

Give a gift today to fund life-changing projects happening right now

At King’s College, London, Dr Bewick is working on a new drug with the potential to protect beta cells –  new and old.

Combined with research into growing new beta cells, this could allow people with type 1 to produce their own insulin once again.

But we can’t invest in this pioneering work without your support. Please donate today.


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