Survey results

On this page, you’ll be able to find the results of some of the surveys we’ve run this year.

Type 1 Discovery Survey

In October’s issue of Type 1 Discovery, we asked you what you thought of the magazine.

Here are some of the results:

  • 94% of you think it keeps you either well informed or very well informed about type 1 diabetes, our research and our activities
  • 46% of you said your favourite feature was research
  • 44% of you said your favourite feature was real life stories. In 2014’s survey 60% of you said you wanted to see more real life stories, so we’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying them!
  • 37% of you wanted to sign up to receive Type 1 Discovery digitally. You can do that by going to

You also told us you wanted to see more on flash glucose sensing and the psychology of living with type 1 – hopefully you are enjoying this issue’s FAQ about flash glucose sensing and living with type 1 and depression.


Research survey: September 2015

Last month, we ran a quick survey to find out what you thought about us and our research.

The feedback will help us to find out what research you’re keen for us to progress with and how we can continue to keep you informed of the work we’re doing.

Here are some of the results:

  • 98% of you thought that investing research to the cure was important. Preventing and treating type 1 diabetes were in close second at 96% each.
  • Other important issues included research into better treatments for complications, campaigning for better awareness of type 1, the information and support we provide to you and your families and lobbying to change Government or NHS policy.
  • 40% of you would prefer to wear a device (like a pump) to treat your type 1 diabetes, than inject insulin once a day or undergo surgery once or twice a year to manage your type 1
  • 83% of you were either very satisfied or satisfied with our work
  • 70% thought we provided the right amount of information for you.
  • 88% of you are would recommend us to someone whose life was affected by type 1 diabetes – thanks!