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Meet our team

Senior Management Team

Karen Addington - Chief Executive

The cure would mean a world without type 1 diabetes for future generations. It would be the most amazing gift JDRF could deliver to the 400,000 people living with type 1 in the UK. I am dedicated to finding the cure.

Rachel Connor portrait picture
Rachel Connor - Director of Research Partnerships

I knew more about the molecules involved in type 1 than its day-to-day impact when I joined JDRF. That quickly changed (although I still know quite a lot about molecules), and the cure would mean more to me than any other scientific advance could. I use a scooter to get to work!

Jonathan Taylor portrait picture
Jonathan Taylor - Director of Finance and Resources

To me the cure for type 1 diabetes would mean among other things that nobody would have to endure the shock of such a life-altering diagnosis. I’ve had 25 years experience in the voluntary sector, with a particular interest in charities growing rapidly, and planning for and sustaining that growth.

Hilary Nathan
Hilary Nathan - Director of Policy and Communications

I'm inspired by the advances in medical research, but know that there is much more to do to prevent, cure and treat type 1 diabetes. In particular I am interested in improving people's access to research and treatments. Outside of work my family and friends are the most important aspect of my life.

Hayley Anderson
Hayley Anderson - Director of People and Operations

A cure would mean so much for those I know living with the condition and I'm inspired every day by the great work that JDRF does to try and make that a reality and am proud to play a small part in that. I love this job, I'm obsessed by maintaining our positive culture and making this a great place to work, where people feel they can make a real difference. I'm lucky enough to benefit from JDRF's great flexible working policy so my spare time is spent, in no particular order, looking after my daughter, my dog and shopping in M&S!

Mike Straney JDRF Director of Fundraising and Engagement
Mike Straney - Director of Fundraising and Engagement

Finding a cure for type 1 diabetes will transform so many lives, now and for generations to come, which as a fundraiser is hugely inspirational. I worked for a medical devices company before joining the charity sector (many years ago), where I met a lot of children and adults with type 1. I saw how the tools available to manage their diabetes were advancing, but it was still a real burden and remains so today; a cure would change the game completely, freeing millions of people around the world from that burden. When I'm not thinking about our supporters and how we can raise more money together, I'm usually chasing a toddler around the house or attempting to read on the train.

HR, Volunteering and Community Engagement

Helen Pegg portrait picture
Helen Pegg - Head of Governance Portfolio

A good friend at school had type 1 plus JDRF colleagues and supporters. Finding the cure would be great to know that we've helped make people's lives better and enabled researchers to carry out some amazing work. I love a good cookery programme and am planning to do an advanced driving course.

Dan Farrow portrait picture
Dan Farrow - Head of Community Engagement

I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 19 years old. The cure would completely change the life for so many people affected, freeing us from the constant planning and worry. I'm an Instagram-addict and I've previously skydived for charity... I'm not sure whether I liked it or not!

Helena Nelson - Community Engagement Manager

I feel passionately about helping JDRF to find the cure, it would mean an end to all the injections, finger prick tests and hospital appointments and no one else would have to go through the daily worry that having type 1 brings. I once performed in a play at Edinburgh Festival.

Lesley Jordan - Senior Technology Access Specialist

I have had type 1 for over 50 years. Getting an insulin pump in 2002 made a huge difference to my life, and I've been passionate about helping people access diabetes technology since then. I joined JDRF when we merged with INPUT - the diabetes technology access charity where I was Chief Executive. It's great to be part of such a dynamic and hope-filled organisation. In my spare time I aspire to be a minimalist but you'd never guess!


Luan Roberts
Luan Roberts - Head of Active Events

JDRF is a wonderful charity to work for, and I feel privileged to be a part of a fantastic team that is working tirelessly to find a cure. It would mean changing the lives of so many people and I feel privileged to be a part of that. My job means I get to meet so many of our wonderful supporters and their families and friends. It also means I get to scream and cheer very loudly most weekends at events. If I'm not cheering really loudly, then you will find me spending time with friends and family, usually at a coffee shop or walking in Epping Forest and looking after my lovely doggies.

Faron Bloomfield
Faron Bloomfield - Challenge and Sports Events Manager

It's a real privilege to work at JDRF and to have such close contact with our supporters on a daily basis. Being a small part of our supporters fundraising journey and cheering them on as they push themselves to their limits in pursuit of a cure for type 1 is a huge motivator for me.

Jade Sutton portrait picture
Jude Hughes - Senior Sports Events Fundraiser

Following the diagnosis of my twins Amelie and Albie with type 1, I have been passionate about fundraising and finding a cure. They are so happy I am now working for JDRF as they think I will be the one finding the cure! I have recently taken up triathlons, and love a challenge.

Lydia Clark
Lydia Clark - Challenge Events Fundraiser

Working in challenge events means I'm lucky enough to speak with lots of amazing fundraisers, many of whom are directly affected by type 1 and are incredibly motivated to support JDRF. Seeing where the money goes and the impact it has on research around the world is so inspiring. Working at JDRF is not only fun but also hugely rewarding and you really feel like you're making a difference.

Allan Sutherland
Allan Sutherland - Head of Corporate and Trusts

I am delighted to be at JDRF and am inspired by the amazing work that JDRF does and the extraordinary life changing research we fund. I am very lucky to be able to work with our supporters around fundraising and find out about the ways JDRF makes a difference to those living with type 1. I am a slow but enthusiastic runner and swim outdoors on Hampstead Heath most days, whatever the weather and water temperature.

Catriona Morrice portrait picture
Catriona Armstrong - Fundraising Manager, Scotland

My partner was diagnosed nearly 10 years ago with type 1 and a cure would mean everything to us. I can’t wait for the day when everyone living with type 1 can throw away their insulin pumps/pens and forget about carb counting and never look back! I’m a qualified gymnastics coaching assistant.

Elspeth Campbell - Senior Scotland Fundraiser

As the mother of a son with type 1 diabetes, I am inspired by all the amazing research which has brought us closer to a world without type 1 and by the progress in technology which does so much to help people living with the condition. I am proud to be part of an organisation which plays a major role in the search for a cure and to be able to make a contribution to something that would mean so much to our family and thousands of others throughout the world.

Carol Kennedy portrait picture
Carol Kennedy - Senior Scotland Fundraiser

Having been a volunteer for five years I understand and respect what JDRF are doing to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. I feel very lucky to have two beautiful daughters who do not have type 1. This is my chance to help others less fortunate.

Hayley Perez - Head of Individual Giving and Supporter Care

I’ve seen first-hand the impact type 1 diabetes can have and I know the best way to help is through research. It’s great to be part of the JDRF team, working together to find the cure that will change so many lives.

Jess Broad
Jess Broad - Special Events Manager

Whilst I do not have a personal connection to type 1, working at JDRF has shown me the impact of the condition on those living with type 1 as well as their families. I have met so many passionate and dedicated supporters who inspire me to do my job. I am proud to work for an organisation that is funding such incredible research with the aim to find the cure.

Lucy Mason Pearson - High Value Partnerships Manager
Lucy Mason Pearson - High Value Partnerships Manager - New Business

It is very motivating to work with the corporate sector and explore how JDRF can partner with companies in a way that benefits both sides. We have some great partnerships that are helping to raise vital funds for JDRF in our fight towards a world without type 1. I am pug mad and love walking my two black pug dogs.


Orna Joseph - Deputy Director of Marketing, Digital and Transformation

It's a privilege to support the drive to find a cure for type 1. When not working, I can be found performing and directing theatre with my local drama group.

Amy Sommariva
Amy Sommariva - Head of Marketing

I am very proud to work for JDRF. Seeing the incredible progress being made to ease the daily burden of diabetes and getting closer to the cure motivates me hugely. We are learning about this condition together and supporting each other through the good times and bad. Away from work I am a keen traveller and love to explore new places!

Kate Lawton
Kate Lawton - Head of Digital

I feel very fortunate to use my digital skills and experience to support JDRF's world-class research to find better treatments and an eventual cure for type 1. Besides my professional digital activity I am an arthouse film and contemporary art aficionado.

Caroline Schmutz
Caroline Schmutz - Research Partnerships Manager

Playing a part in improving treatments and finding a cure for those living with type 1 diabetes is a huge motivation. I am delighted to join the JDRF team, and to work with passionate researchers and supporters to achieve this goal. I am also a keen traveller, photographer and cinema goer.

Conor McKeever - Research Communications Manager

Although my degree was in chemistry, I soon left the lab when I realised I preferred talking about science to doing it myself! Now it’s my job to translate the research JDRF funds into something more accessible for everyone. This is actually my second stint at JDRF – I worked here until 2015, and I’ve really loved coming back to the fold.

Angel Strachan
Angel Strachan - Public Affairs Officer

My job is to work with decision-makers in Parliament, Government, NHS and in the health and research sector to accelerate access to treatments for type 1 diabetes. I am motivated to ensure that everyone with the condition who wants to use the latest technologies and treatments are able to on the NHS. In my spare time I love baking, live music and jigsaws!

Finance and Resources

Snjezana Raic portrait picture
Snjezana Raic - Finance Officer

Having family connections to chronic autoimmune disorders help me understand the implications that type 1 has on people living with the condition as well as their families. Finding a cure would mean the world to millions of people!

Evan Jones - Operations Executive and PA to the Chief Executive

Finding the cure, or even new treatments for living with type 1, would make a huge difference to my friends whose lives are affected every day by the condition. Away from work, I have performed several times at the Edinburgh Fringe.