Meet our team

Senior Management Team

Karen Addington portrait picture

Karen Addington - Chief Executive
The cure would mean a world without type 1 diabetes for future generations. It would be the most amazing gift JDRF could deliver to the 400,000 people living with type 1 in the UK. I am dedicated to finding the cure.

Dean Benton - Director of Fundraising
I had been waiting for some time for an opportunity to work for an organisation whose purpose and commitment was to bring about a transformation to someone's quality of life. JDRF is that charity. The motivation in being a part of a team driven to finding a cure for so many people managing their type 1 is immense, and everything we do is focused on taking us a step closer to our goal. When I'm not working you might find me at a racecourse. I'm a big supporter of National Hunt racing and have a very poor share of an even poorer racehorse!

Sarah Johnson portrait picture

Sarah Johnson - Director of Policy & Communications
Finding the cure would mean changing the lives of all my JDRF friends who live with type 1. My next holiday is to be a cowgirl in Wyoming!

Clare McVicker portrait picture

Clare McVicker - Director of Research Advocacy
I am new to JDRF, but I am extremely excited to be part of this fantastic organisation. Being part of the world's leading charity for type 1 diabetes research, I hope to play a small part in finding the cure. We know that the cure for type 1 diabetes will be found, it is just a question of time, money and great research. My desire is to help JDRF expand its funded research programme and support our outstanding researchers.

Jonathan Taylor portrait picture

Jonathan Taylor - Director of Finance & Resources
To me the cure for type 1 diabetes would mean among other things that nobody would have to endure the shock of such a life-altering diagnosis. I’ve had 25 years experience in the voluntary sector, with a particular interest in charities growing rapidly, and planning for and sustaining that growth.

Angela Walcott portrait picture

Angela Walcott - PA to Chief Executive and Senior Management Team
Until I started to work for JDRF I didn't have a personal connection to type 1 diabetes, however growing up in Barbados I have seen first hand what lack of knowledge of diabetes can do to a family and a society as a whole. It's nice to be working for such an amazing charity whose prime focus is to find a cure. And I didn't like cricket... I love it.

HR, Volunteering & Outreach

Helen Pegg portrait picture

Helen Pegg - Head of Governance Portfolio
A good friend at school had type 1 plus JDRF colleagues and supporters. Finding the cure would be great to know that we've helped make people's lives better and enabled researchers to carry out some amazing work. I love a good cookery programme and am planning to do an advanced driving course.

Hayley Anderson portrait picture

Hayley Anderson - Head of HR
I have friends and colleagues who have type 1. I can't find the words to express what it would mean for friends and supporters when a cure is found. It would simply mean everything. I am equally obsessed with dogs and Marks and Spencer's. If only M&S sold dogs...

Daniel Newman portrait picture

Daniel Newman - HR Officer
I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 10 years old. A cure would completely change my life and many others, it would put to an end to the daily worries that a person with type 1 goes through. I am an avid Arsenal fan and have played on the Emirates pitch.

Dan Farrow portrait picture

Dan Farrow - Community Engagement Manager
I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 19 years old. The cure for type 1 would completely change the life for so many people affected, but also that of their friends and family from the the constant planning and worry. Playing just a small part in that is my motivation for working with this amazing charity. I'm an Instagram-addict and I've previously skydived for charity... I'm not sure whether I liked it or not!

Helena Nelson portrait picture

Helena Nelson - Community Engagement Officer
Having spoken to so many adults and children affected by type 1, I feel passionately about helping JDRF to find the cure, it would mean an end to all the injections, finger prick tests and hospital appointments and no one else would have to go through the daily worry that having type 1 brings. I once performed in a play at Edinburgh Festival.

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Ann Ramsdale - Head of Volunteer Development
I can't really put it into words what a cure would mean, but there would be a big party! I like big parties!


Lydia Warrilow portrait picture

Lydia Warrilow - Head of Regional Fundraising
I will be thrilled when a cure is found for type 1 diabetes knowing that in the future many would be spared the heartache experienced when a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes is made. Our work will be done! I support Birmingham City Football Club and have a fear of birds!!

Susannah Collier portrait picture

Susannah Collier - Development Manager (South, East & London)
Before joining the team at JDRF I didn't have any close connections to type 1 diabetes, however as I continue my education about the reality of living with type 1 I feel more and more motivated to help JDRF find a cure, treat and prevent it. I am addicted to a variety of different types of tea (my current favourite is a toss-up between liquorice allsorts flavoured Earl Grey and popcorn green tea) and I love walking and running with my dog on Wimbledon Common.

Hannah Roberts portrait picture

Hannah Roberts - Senior Fundraiser (London & East)
A cure would mean that all of our lovely supporters will have a better quality of life and will not have to worry about daily injections. I have taken part in many adrenalin filled activities to raise money for charity, from bungee jumping to training and taking part in a charity boxing match!

Elizabeth Rowley portrait picture

Elizabeth Rowley - Regional Fundraiser (London & East)
Having lived with type 1 diabetes for 22 years and being married to a person with type 1, a cure would be life-changing on so many levels. The day that all people living with diabetes finally get a 'break' from the constant monitoring, worry, and possible complications would be a dream come true. I adore trees and everything they represent.

Celia Joseph portrait picture

Celia Joseph - Regional Fundraiser (East of England)
It is fantastic to be part of an organisation who are seeking a cure for type 1 – if on the journey JDRF can find ways to help make a difference to the lives of those living with the condition and their families it makes my job worthwhile. When not working I enjoy life in the countryside with a menagerie of animals and watching my daughters compete in showjumping.

Lee Newman portrait picture

Lee Newman - Development Manager (Midlands, West and Wales)
To find a cure for type 1 would make such a difference to so many people - I would be very proud to have played some part in making that happen. When I'm not entertaining my two sons playing with trains, dinosaurs or being a superhero I enjoy listening to electronic music and visiting art galleries.

Jayme Balossino portrait picture

Jayme Balossino - Regional Fundraiser (Midlands)
Finding a cure for type 1 would mean everything to me as it would be life-changing to so many people and their families. I feel inspired by all the amazing people who are so devoted to helping us find the cure and I'm honoured to be part of an organisation seeking to make this happen. I’m originally from Italy – you could have guessed that from my unusual surname. I love food big time. And, in my spare time, I’m captain of Birmingham’s National Volleyball League team.

Danielle Angell portrait picture

Danielle Angell - Senior Fundraiser (South West)
A cure would mean everything to me, after meeting so many wonderful people who are so dedicated and commited to helping us find the cure, being a part of finding that cure for all 400,000 people having to live with type 1 diabetes through no fault of their own would just be fantastic. I am a Welsh speaker and in my spare time I enjoy running!

Ally Coulton portrait picture

Ally Colton - Regional Fundraiser (South West)
Watching a friend's child grow up with type 1 has shown me the impact a diagnosis has on the whole family. I am proud to work for JDRF who are dedicated to finding a cure. I spend weekends watching my husband and son play in a Green Day Tribute band.

Nicki Gerrard portrait picture

Nicki Gerrard - Senior Fundraiser (South)
Finding the cure for type 1 would simply mean everything. I’m really proud to work for JDRF knowing that I’m part of a global team working towards the cure every day. In my spare time you’ll find me running after my non-stop toddler!

Sue Perrin portrait picture

Sue Perrin - Regional Fundraising Coordinator (South)
JDRF fabulous supporters are a dedicated bunch, and I love hearing about some of the completely crazy things they do to raise funds because finding the cure is the most important thing to them. I’m looking forward to joining in their celebrations one day and dancing the happy dance.

Chris Normington portrait picture

Chris Normington - Development Manager (North)
The cure for type 1 diabetes would mean more people having the opportunity to do all the things they want in life and that's a good world to live in! I love raising money and take on at least one fundraising challenge a year. In my spare time I go mountain biking, watch live music, Sunday drive my VW camper and volunteer!

Jade Sutton portrait picture

Jude Sutton - Regional Fundraiser (North West)
Following the diagnosis of both my twins Amelie and Albie with type 1, I have been passionate about fundraising and finding a cure. It is a life-changing condition, meaning a cure would be positively life-changing for my family. Amelie and Albie are so happy I am now working for JDRF as they think I will be the one finding the cure! I have recently taken up triathlons, and love a challenge! My next one being the Manchester Marathon for JDRF.

Sadie Munro portrait picture

Sadie Munro - Regional Fundraiser (Yorkshire, Humber & Anglia and North East)
Finding a cure for type 1 would really be amazing! One of my favourite parts of this job is meeting lots of lovely people who are also so dedicated to finding a cure for type 1 and making peoples lives better! I absolutely love animals and in some of my spare time I volunteer at a rescue and rehabilitation centre for horses.

Alastair Brookes portrait picture

Alistair Brookes - Development Manager (Scotland)
A cure for type 1 diabetes would mean the families I come into contact with would not have to face the worry about what the future will hold for their children. Their children would be able to realise all their dreams with no restrictions. It would be a fantastic achievement.

Catriona Morrice portrait picture

Catriona Morrice - Senior Regional Fundraiser (Scotland)
My partner was diagnosed nearly 10 years ago with type 1 and a cure would mean everything to us. I can’t wait for the day when everyone living with type 1 can throw away their insulin pumps/pens and forget about carb counting and never look back! I’m a qualified gymnastics coaching assistant.

Holly Davies - Senior Regional Fundraiser (Central Scotland)
I have type 1, diagnosed in 1997. A cure would mean nn end to the constant thinking, adjusting, calculating, measuring, worrying stress that is a part of every person with type 1's life. I used to run my own chocolate making business. My Marmalade Sticks, homemade candid orange peel dipped in dark dark chocolate were my best sellers.

Claire Douglas portrait picture

Claire Douglas - Regional Fundraiser (Scotland)
I have several family members affected by type 1 diabetes so I am really excited to be part of a team that is working hard towards finding a cure. A cure for type 1 will make a huge difference to so many people and their families as it will allow them the freedom to live their lives free of worry and daily injections. I am a bit of a crazy cat lady and enjoy spending time looking after the cats at a local animal shelter.

Carol Kennedy portrait picture

Carol Kennedy - Fundraising Coordinator (Scotland)
I am excited to be part of the JDRF team. Having been a volunteer for the last five years I understand and respect what JDRF are doing to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. I feel very lucky to have two beautiful daughters who do not have type 1. This is my chance to help others less fortunate. I love walking, my husband is trying to encourage me to climb some Munros – watch this space.

Adele Claase portrait picture

Adele Claase - Head of Philanthropic Partnerships & Events
I have been involved with JDRF for many years and am very proud of being part of such a fantastic charity. I am inspired and humbled by the many friends I have made whilst being here. And to me, quite simply, the cure would mean the world. I am currently studying part time for a BSc in Social Science.

Helen Mannion portrait picture

Helen Mannion - Philanthropic Partnerships Manager
I am delighted to work with a truly passionate, determined and dedicated team that care deeply about people affected by type 1 diabetes. I have tremendous admiration for the children, young people, adults and their families, who are faced with making life saving decisions everyday of their lives and I want to do everything I can to help bring the day closer to finding a cure for type 1. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my three daughters.

Marie Greenham portrait picture

Marie Geenham - National Events Manager
Having been given the opportunity to work with JDRF on their mission to find a cure for type 1 diabetes I have learned just how much this condition effects the lives of thousands of families and individuals in the UK but of course internationally, yet also just how many people are unaware of the impact that type 1 diabetes has on day to day life, and how it differs to type 2. To help on the journey to find a cure, raise awareness and improve the lives of those effected by type 1 means the world to me. I have a friend who was diagnosed with type 1 when she was in her 50's who has to inject, measure etc on a daily basis and who could only dream for a cure. I have a background in international sports events, hospitality, brand activation, I am half German and relatively active when I get the chance.

Esi Christopher portrait picture

Esi Christopher - Special Events Coordinator
Spurred by my family connection to diabetes, I enjoy my role helping to produce events that help raise vital funds to support research into a cure for type 1 diabetes. Since working for JDRF I have been touched by the passion, determination and generosity of JDRF’s supporters. Outside of work I can normally be found at my local Gymbox dance class.

Rebecca Tomlinson portrait picture

Rebecca Tomlinson - Senior Challenge and Sports Fundraising Manager
t's an exciting time in the Challenge Events team at JDRF. We have lots of plans for the future – so watch this space. My love for sports also tends to take up my free time and I regularly take part in crazy running and cycling events, the next one being an Ultra-marathon.

Luan Roberts portrait picture

Luan Roberts - Challenge Events Fundraiser
Before joining JDRF, I didn't have a direct connection with anyone who has type 1 diabetes. JDRF is a wonderful charity to work for and I feel privileged to be a part of a fantastic team that are working tirelessly to find a cure. It would mean changing the lives of so many people and if I can help in any way by raising money through the running events I manage, then this would make me very happy.

Alice Smith portrait picture

Alice Smith - Challenge Events Fundraiser
I joined JDRF in October 2014, and I look after all our major cycling and trekking events as well as any other crazy challenges you choose to put your name down for. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far. JDRF is a fantastic charity with fantastic supporters and it’s with thanks to you that we can continue to fund research to cure, treat and prevent type 1 diabetes.

Sue O'Lorne portrait picture

Sue O'Lone - Senior Manager Corporate & Trusts
I've been in the charity sector for over 10 years and am passionate about health causes. The fantastic team here and our incredible supporters inspire me every day to find funding for life-changing research. Outside of work I love volunteering with kids and I recently completed my second degree and became a full-qualified youth worker.

Rob Grover portrait picture

Rob Grover - Senior Trusts Fundraiser
I have had several work colleagues with type 1 and know the constant attention they have to give to looking after themselves. A cure would transform their lives and their family’s lives. I am hugely impressed with the ground breaking work of our researchers. I started skiing again five years ago after a 40 year gap.

Eleanor Kelpie portrait picture

Eleanor Kelpie - Senior Corporate Development Fundraiser
Having grown up around type 1 diabetes in my family, it means a lot to me to be working within a charity that is doing such great research into the condition. JDRF does such fantastic work and I’m proud to be part of a charity that is working so tirelessly to improve the lives of people living with type 1.

Kris Wood portrait picture

Kris Wood - Corporate and Trusts Fundraiser
I was diagnosed with type 1 in 2012 at the age of 25 and started working for JDRF shortly after. Seeing first hand all the research developments gives me huge optimism about the future and meeting so many inspirational people and families motivates me to do what I can to help create a world without type 1 diabetes.

Lisa Williams portrait picture

Lisa Williams - Head of Donor Marketing
Before joining JDRF, I didn't have many close connections to type 1, but working with colleagues affected by the condition has really demonstrated to me the importance of finding a cure. Anything I can do as a fundraiser to make that day closer is an extremely motivating reason to come to work every day.

no image

Kolpona Begum - Donor Development Coordinator
I want to be a part of something big and I want to contribute to something life changing for so many people. I want to see a day where type 1 diabetes is a thing of the past and then be able to say “yes, I was a part of that!” With dedicated and vital research, I’m optimistic that day is going to be soon.

Katharine Salmons portrait picture

Katharine Salmons - Fundraising Administrator
Although I don't personally have a connection to type 1, I can understand how difficult it can be to live with, and what a cure would mean for all those who are affected by it. It's wonderful to be a part of a team that helps towards finding treatments and a cure. I'm a recent psychology graduate who loves baking, going to gigs and playing flute and saxophone!


Rachel Connor portrait picture

Rachel Connor - Head of Research Communication
I knew more about the molecules involved in type 1 diabetes than its day-to-day impact when I joined JDRF. That quickly changed (although I still know quite a lot about molecules) and the cure would mean more to me than any other scientific advance could. I use a kick scooter to get me to work on time!

Conor McKeever portrait picture

Conor McKeever - Research Communication Officer
Although I don't have a personal connection to type 1, finding the cure would make such a big difference to so many people that even playing a small part in it would be amazing. I love finding out about all aspects of science, which is why I left chemistry and moved into science communication. I even met Sir Patrick Moore at an astronomy club!

Ben Moody portrait picture

Ben Moody - Senior Public Affairs Manager
I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 26. A cure would have a transformational effect on me and millions of other people worldwide. I've had a varied career - I taught swimming in the US; was a Management Consultant; ran an ice cream stall on Broadway Market; sold popcorn on a Bon Jovi tour and perhaps more relevant to my day job spent three years working in the House of Commons.

Michael Connellan portrait picture

Michael Connellan - Senior Media Manager
I am inspired to help find the cure for type 1 diabetes by the great breakthroughs of medical history - such as the discovery of insulin. I'm a former journalist, a Twitter addict and a long-suffering Cambridge United FC fan.

George Emery portrait picture

George Emery - Media Coordinator
I joined the JDRF team without a personal connection to type 1 diabetes but very quickly came to see how much a cure could change the lives of those living with the condition. I am originally from Southampton and am a massive Saints fan and TV boxset addict.

Alana Blair portrait picture

Alana Blair - Marketing Manager
As my first step into the world of charities, I'm proud to be part of an organisation that can make difference to thousands of people. I don't have a personal connection, but the day a cure is found, I will be a very happy person. I’ve started planning 10 challenges to take part in by the end of the year... wish me luck!

Linh Lieu portrait picture

Linh Lieu - Digital Marketing Manager
Finding the cure would make such a difference to the lives of so many living with and affected by type 1. I am honoured to be working for such a dedicated and committed charity. In my spare time I enjoy visiting new places and I spending time with my little one.

Will Prior portrait picture

Will Prior - Marketing and Communications Coordinator
I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 17. Finding the cure would change my life and the lives of millions of others, and I’d love to be able to play even a small part in that.

Finance and Resources

Janet Sarll portrait picture

Janet Sarll - Head of Finance
A cure would mean everything to those living with type 1 and their families. Knowing that I am working towards that cure gives me fantastic job satisfaction. Outside work I enjoy spending time with my three children and working on our allotment.

Hakeem Danmole portrait picture

Hakeem Danmole - Finance Manager
A cure would mean relief for thousands of people and their families. I am a closet foodie.

Snjezana Raic portrait picture

Snjezana Raic - Finance Officer
Having family connections to chronic autoimmune disorders help me understand the implications that type 1 has on people living with the condition as well as their families. Finding a cure would mean the world to millions of people!

Michael Hall portrait picture

Mike Hall - Database and Information Manager
Working at JDRF has shown me the impact type 1 has on both the lives of those living with the condition, and their families and loved ones as well - working towards a world without it is a wonderful feeling. I enjoy baking and programming in my spare time.

Janet Byrne portrait picture

Janet Byrne - Office Manager
I have come from a corporate background. I love the atmosphere, camaraderie and overall feeling of a team trying their hardest to raise funds to support research into and education of type 1 diabetes.