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JDRF is undergoing a transformation.
We are becoming Breakthrough T1D in October.

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The Diabetes Ireland Research Alliance

JDRF UK work with DIRA to encourage type 1 diabetes research in Ireland and to support the global work of JDRF.

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What is the Diabetes Ireland Research Alliance?

The Diabetes Ireland Research Alliance (DIRA) is a subsidiary of Diabetes Ireland, the national charity supporting people with diabetes in Ireland. DIRA was created in 2008 to promote, support and fund research related to the causes, prevention, and cure of diabetes.

Why do we work with DIRA?

JDRF UK work with DIRA to encourage type 1 diabetes research in Ireland and to support the global work of JDRF.

Our partnership with DIRA aims to:

  • encourage high-quality type 1 diabetes research in Ireland
  • promote Ireland as a JDRF base for internationally led research to cure type 1
  • raise the profile of both organisations in the Republic of Ireland
  • build a sustainable relationship with Irish-based scientists and researchers
  • raise funds for type 1 diabetes research in Ireland and the UK

What has the partnership achieved so far?

DIRA has supported several JDRF funded projects in the past.

This included a project led by Dr Reinhold Medina using stem cells to model and treat diabetic retinopathy. Dr Medina and his team at Queens University, Belfast worked to develop a model of retinal damage that can be used to test potential treatments.

Another example is a project led Professor Peter Jones into encapsulation, protective coatings for islets to protect the beta cells within them from immune attack. Professor Jones’ research project at Kings College London investigated the best size for encapsulation devices to keep the transplanted islets safe from damage from the immune system.

What do we hope to do with DIRA next?

JDRF and DIRA hope to build on our past collaboration to develop closer links between researchers and continue to support relevant research projects.

To find out more, please visit the Diabetes Ireland Research Alliance website.


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