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A man wearing a JDRF cycling vest, pictured standing with a background of sky as he looks into the distance.A man wearing a JDRF cycling vest, pictured standing with a background of sky as he looks into the distance.

A better life for everyone living with type 1 diabetes.

Will you join us in our mission to discover better treatments, expand access, and work towards a future free from type 1 diabetes? Together, we can make an impact.

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Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or have been living with type 1 diabetes for some time, find all the information and support you need to manage your condition and connect with others.

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A row of vials of clear liquid with black lids. A blue gloved hand is pinching the top of the closest vial as if to pick it up.
13 May 2024

Novel insulin being developed to enable implantable insulin pumps

Medtronic Diabetes have announced they are funding the biopharmaceutical company Arecor Therapeutics to develop a novel, highly concentrated, thermostable insulin, which will be specialised for use in implantable insulin pumps.

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Professor Colin Dayan at Cardiff University, working on immunotherapy for type 1 diabetes cure research
18 April 2024

Professor Colin Dayan presented with the 2023 JDRF Rumbough Award 

The award recognises Professor Dayan’s remarkable accomplishments in type 1 diabetes research.

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Two young children sat on the floor hugging each other.
18 April 2024

Genetically unique siblings reveal new treatment target for type 1 diabetes

Two siblings who have unique changes in a key gene have given researchers new insights that could help lead to innovative new treatments in type 1 diabetes.

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A female doctor works at a laptop on a table. She is wearing a shirt and glasses with a stethoscope around her neck.
17 April 2024

New international medical code launches for presymptomatic type 1 diabetes

JDRF-funded researchers from the University of Birmingham have joined forces with NHS England to develop a diagnostic code for use on electronic medical records of people in the earliest stages of type 1 diabetes, allowing them to receive better, more timely healthcare and access to emerging treatments.

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Baxters Loch Ness Marathon and Festival of Running

Loch Ness Marathon and Festival of Running

Join Team JDRF and fundraise for type 1 diabetes research by taking part in the Loch Ness Marathon Festival 2024.

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A group of London Marathon runners who are celebrating a fundraising run for JDRF

TCS London Marathon 2025

If you’re only ever going to do one marathon, make sure it’s the TCS London Marathon.

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JDRF staff and families at a JDRF Type 1 Diabetes Discovery event
Information event

Type 1 Diabetes Discovery Day and Technology Exhibition: Derry/Londonderry

The focus of this event is ‘type 1 technology’ covering aspects such as access, choice, and everyday living with type 1 technology.

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Family group in their One Walk t shirts and medals stood in front of a lake with their arms raised in celebration
Walks & treks

One Walk 2024

One Walk is back for 2024! Join us for a celebration of the type 1 community and a fun day out for all.

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Over 400 active research studies are being funded by JDRF around the world.


Support resources given to people with type 1 and healthcare professionals in 2023.


JDRF-funded research is currently taking place in 21 countries.

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Your donations make a real difference to the lives of everyone living with type 1 diabetes and the people who care for them.

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By joining one of our fundraising events or planning your own, you’ll be helping fund type 1 research that’s making headway.

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Buy JDRF merchandise including T-shirts, cycling jerseys and pin badges and help support type 1 research.

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Build your skills, meet new people and have fun, all while making a real difference.